Welcome to Paradise Adventist Elementary.

It is my joyful opportunity to serve as principal in partnership with the teachers, students, parents, and the surrounding communities as we establish a vibrant Christian school in Paradise, California.  The last several years have challenged us with unprecedented devastating events and there is still uncertainty of what school in our nation will look like in the fall. Yet, being a small school in a rural environment allows us the greater opportunity to make plans to provide in person learning starting this August following current health guidelines.

Our plans will incorporate a variety of learning models to be ready for the coming uncertain months.  Whatever direction that takes us, we are committed to partnering with you to provide your children physical and emotional safety and outstanding individual support that is sensitive to individual differences and learning styles and that will nurture their curiosity, wonder, learning and growth.  

The staff at Paradise Adventist Elementary school are dedicated to creating a stimulating, innovative, learning environment that includes technology in order to prepare students for higher education and eventual global success.   Our teachers incorporate experiential learning lessons in the classroom, the forest, field and garden that will take your children beyond the challenging core academic curriculum where they can grow in character, confidence, and capability.  We foster the development of critical thinking, values, social skills, work ethic, respect, cooperation, perseverance, responsibility for choices and community responsibility.

Thank you for supporting our team.

David Vixie