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What do you remember most about your own school days? Likely your fondest memories of school include hands-on activities, field trips, and the joy of positive personal relationships! We learn and remember best by doing, together. Students at PAE will be exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences, each designed to make learning tangible and fun. Students will learn history through simulations and trips “back in time”, scientific methods and concepts through real-world experiments, and life skills (and perhaps a little mathematics, biology, history, and literature) through cooking and gardening. Students will build empathy for others through service and outreach projects both within the classroom and in our local community. Students who spend time at Paradise Adventist Elementary receive a strong academic foundation that is rooted in the real world, and which prepares them for a life of joyful learning and service.

Beyond the Books

 We strive to provide experiences where our students will encounter physical and emotional events that engage their senses and activate their memories to help them become not just book smart but experience smart as well. Education is not the process of pouring knowledge into students’ heads but the hard and sometimes uncomfortable work of equipping them with the tools for digging their own deep well of wisdom from which to draw. They should move ahead.  For that they will need to go to the academics and beyond.  They need to develop virtue and character, practical skills and common sense, explore and research, develop relationships, a sense of belonging and community and a heart for service.  Students will need to become not only book smart, but experience smart as well.

Experience provides a valuable opportunity for learning in a way paper and pencil or a computer environment alone cannot.  This is where students best explore the relationship between knowledge and the world that produces it.

Whether it is in the classroom or out, real world experience lets students interact with a community of learners that broadens their exposure to interpretations and insight, invites them to consider social behaviors, cultivate manners and develop rapport with other students and adults.  Active learning encourages them to value the privilege of being alive and become not just participants but joyful contributors in this shared world and its future.  


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