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At Paradise Adventist Elementary, teachers work together to provide the best possible education and environment for our students. Teachers regularly collaborate and share ideas about how to most effectively connect with students. We not only acknowledge but celebrate each teacher’s unique approach to teaching. Working together closely in this way gives teachers the freedom to be creative and intentional, and the ability to spend more time teaching the subjects and methods they are most passionate about.

Teachers at Paradise Adventist Elementary strive to understand each student’s unique learning needs and provide them with opportunities to learn in a variety of ways. This approach allows students to learn in ways best suited for their individual learning style.

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Meet our dedicated teachers and staff

Brenda Muth

Brenda Muth


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Mrs. Muth has been at the Adventist school in Paradise since 1988. She is currently the Registrar and Office Manager at Paradise Adventist Academy, as well as Paradise Adventist Elementary. She loves working with students and attending as many programs as she can. She received her degree in Education at Pacific Union College and has experience as an elementary teacher and choir instructor, a substitute teacher, school office assistant, classroom aid, and Registrar. Photography has always been a hobby, as well as making cards and identifying wild flowers.

Melissa Muegge

Melissa Muegge

K - 2nd Grades

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Favorite dessert: chocolate cake and almond croissants
Favorite food: I really enjoy Thai food
Favorite color: green
Vacation spot: Italy
I enjoy hiking with my dog Ruger, spending time with my nieces Lily and Aria and traveling. I just finished my second summer working at Leoni Meadows and am so excited to start my first year of teaching here in Paradise! 
Kimberly Baumbach

Kimberly Baumbach

3rd - 6th Grades

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Kimberly finds the most fulfillment in watching her students learn to love learning. She works tirelessly to create activities and experiences that are personal and engaging, and which are tailored to the unique characteristics of each student. She particularly enjoys sharing stories, through books and online resources, which expose students to other cultures in different places and times through Earth’s history. Kimberly is always looking for opportunities for her students to help others, both in the classroom and in the greater community. Her approach to learning fosters connection and empathy for all people.

Kimberly believes children learn best when they are in a stable, positive environment where they can feel safe and loved. Kimberly enjoys sharing the outdoors and nature with her students, and can frequently be found leading science or literature activities in the sun, rain, mud, along creeks, and in local parks. Kimberly loves spending time with her students, and her students look forward to being with her.

Kimberly’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11.

•“For I know the plans I have for you,“ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

Kimberly says, “This is a promise to me that God is with me always and I put my trust and hope in Him.”

A Word

From Our Principal

“We are committed to partnering with you to provide your children physical and emotional safety and outstanding individual support that is sensitive to individual differences and learning styles and that will nurture their curiosity, wonder, learning and growth.”

David Vixie